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2 Weeks Information Detox Challenge. Easy Way for Happier Life.

2 Weeks Information Detox Challenge. Easy Way for Happier Life.

In polish middle-school we have such an subject like "knowledge about society" in other words - Civics. Most of the time our teacher talked to us about some boring stuff like law, government rules and politics. It was possible to survive but in addition to this we had - in my opinion - terrible homework. We had to watch news on TV for the whole week and note every important accident, event and information. And our teacher believed that was good.

But why is was not?

We as a humans have limited attention. We can think in one moment about several things but then our attention is divided and we can't focus on our task in the most (or at all) effective way. Now when I write this post I think for sure about this activity but for sure only about it? I just stopped writing because I talked with my friend about my exam on university and now I checked followers on @ideafortoday instagram (It's 339 already ^^ ). That leads to a simply conclusion. About the more things we think in the moment, the lower is our effectiveness and focusing. Now think about the great amount of information we receive everyday from TV, radio, newspapers, stupid websites. All of these have to be analyzed by our mind. You know already why you are sometimes so lazy and have this overwhelming feeling? Aren't you?

Your environment

Just as the fish doesn't reach its maximum size in the too small aquarium, just as the flower doesn't growth properly in a too small pot, alike a man can't use its full potential when stays in wrong environment. Information which reach you, are one of the ingredients which actually create your environment. Do you care about it with what stuff you are in touch? What pages do you like on facebook? What is on your dashboard? What youtube channels you subscribe?

So what to do?

If you want to be more effective and not to worry about so many things, try to limit listening radio broadcasts, watching TV, reading news in the internet. Do list of your daily activities and remove these that you deem unnecessary and taking up too much time. Make yourself more time!

14 days information detox challenge.

Exclude from your days all the aforementioned things and I guarantee you that you gain some empty and calm space. Try to live like this through 2 weeks and share what happenss. :)

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