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3 Ideas for an Active and Funny Date!

3 Ideas for an Active and Funny Date!

If you're out of ideas for dates, try bowling! I know it may sound lame, but I've gone on bowling dates and they are really fun. First off, you get to see your partner in a competitive environment. This can reveal things about their character. With me, my dates knew instantly that I was a competitive person. I don't like losing, which is something they learned about me. Then you can go as a group date, which makes it more fun because then you can compete couple versus another. You can later get dinner, take a break, and talk to each other.  The best is backlight bowling! 

Mini golfing. It might be childish, but it can be fun! Again, another competitive arena so you can see if the person you're with is competitive or just in it for the fun. And getting a group together doesn't hurt either. The more the merrier! Plus there will be tons of opportunity to laugh and enjoy one another's company. Plus if you really are bad, then the guy can feel good if he tries to teach you the correct way to hit the ball.  

Try going to a concert! Of course, this date is not a typical first date. This should be maybe a third date, that way you guys have had opportunity to talk and get to know each other. But if you and your date have similar tastes, definitely go to a concert together! You guys can dance, and just enjoy the music. Plus after the concert you guys can talk about your favorite songs, whether the band was as good as it is on a CD, etc.  

These are just three ideas, but they are active and engaging. This way you can't be on your phone ignoring your date. You actually have to engage them and be present. Go out and have fun!

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  • Jay Moussa-Mann Jay Moussa-Mann 23 March 2015

    This was a good reminder! We are married now but only went on a couple of bowling dates and your article made me want to go again - even though I suck!

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