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30 Day Music Challenge

I've never met someone who doesn't like music, and I'm really happy about that because music is everything. Whenever we feel happy music is there to celebrate, and when we're sad, it's there to cheer us up. If we need advise or a shoulder to cry on, music is our best friend. And to commemorate that, here's a challenge you should do.


Day 1. Your all-time-favourite song. Day 16. A song from your childhood
Day 2. A song you could crazy dance to. Day 17. A song your parents love.
Day 3. A song that reminds you to your first love. Day 18. A song from a T.V. show.
Day 4. A song that reminds you to your last love. Day 19. A song that calms you down.
Day 5.  A song you can slow dance to. Day 20. A song that reminds you of your favourite place.
Day 6. A song that makes you cry. Day 21. A song you love singing to.
Day 7. A song you you can't stand listening. Day 22. A song you loved listening to live.
Day 8. A catchy song. Day 23. A song from your favourite artist.
Day 9. A song that makes you laugh. Day 24. A song you would never listen to.
Day 10. A song you want to dance to at your wedding. Day 25. A song you can relate to.
Day 11. A song that reminds you to school. Day 26. A song you sing to in the shower.
Day 12. A song you can't stop listening to. Day 27. A song that fits perfect with your lunch.
Day 13. A song that you would dedicate to your best friend. Day 28. A song that makes you mad.
Day 14. A song from a musical. Day 29. A song you can sleep to.
Day 15. A song from a movie. Day 30. Listen to your favourite song now.

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