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30 Days Without Chocolate Challenge

Yeah, we all love chocolate, and there is nothing wrong! Like almost everything on this planet, chocolate has pros and cons. Generally dark chocolate with more than 70% of cacao is health and even recommendes as a rich source of magnesium. Other kinds of chocolate maybe aren't directly so good for our body but still gives us pleasure which is required for our mental health!

Despite of healthy factors of chocolate, it is a good idea to have some break from it. Try not to eat chocolate and any others candy for 30 days.

A small sweet stops our immune system for half an hour so when chocolate is a permanent part of our diet, organism can feel not so great. Give your body a chance to regenerate and don't eat candy for 30 days. That is my proposition.

Personally I don't eat candy at all. Sugar supports the growth of bacteria and makes us sleepy. The only except is dark chocolate which contains magnesium. 

You should also remember that our ancestors didn't eat sweet food, and not only because they didn't have it. They didn't because people do not need this kind of food. The all thing is about our eating habits what determine how we feel and how healthy we are

The challenge? :)

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