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4 Cocktails For Your Next Girls’ Night Out

It’s great to live in an age of equality when it comes to beverage choice, where people can pretty much order whatever they like without having to worry that their pint of lager isn’t ‘ladylike’ or that Baileys isn’t very manly. But, it is still fun to know there are some drinks that were designed with girls in mind.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a man getting in touch with his feminine side and giving a Cosmo a try at happy hour, but if you’re planning an unashamedly girly night on the town, here are four drinks that suit the occasion more than most!


Margarita drink

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Unlike most ‘ladies’ cocktails, the margarita is not especially sweet, and relies on citrus flavours rather than the typical berry or tropical fruit combinations found in a lot of mixed drinks favoured by women. The alcoholic base is tequila, which is always a good party drink, and it can be served in a number of styles, including blended with ice (to make a kind of delicious, potent lime slush), over ice cubes, or straight up. It is generally served in a margarita glass (and you know any cocktail that has its own specific glass has made the big time), with salt around the rim. The salt does add to the flavour of the drink, but most people serve it with a straw for some unknown reason (perhaps because drinking through a straw helps your lipstick last longer), meaning many margarita drinkers never actually get any of it.


Daiquiri drink

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The daiquiri is one of those fruity, creamy drinks which is kind of like a cross between a dessert, a shake and a hangover waiting to happen. Often much stronger than it tastes, the daiquiri is one of those classic drinks that many bars and bartenders like to tinker with to come up with new variants, and most places that make daiquiris now offer all kinds of alternatives to the conventional options of strawberry or banana.


Cosmopolitan drink

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Most articles will tell you that the resurgence of this cranberry, vodka and triple sec based drink is owed entirely to Sex And The City, in which the four female leads would regularly meet up to partake of a few ‘Cosmos’ and talk about men and shopping. While that show did have a hugely aspirational impact on many people, it has now been off the air for years and yet the drink remains a hugely popular choice. It probably makes more sense therefore, to attribute its popularity to the fact it tastes great. Fruity, without being overly sweet, and containing cranberry juice (which is full of antioxidants, so you can kid yourself it is a health drink of sorts), the Cosmo is refreshing and attractive.

Pina Colada

Pina Colada drink

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The poor Pina Colada fell out of favour for much of the noughties, considered a cheesy throw back to the 1980’s and about as sophisticated as one of Del Boy’s coats. However, it is currently seeing a sort of renaissance that is taking its status from ‘guilty pleasure’ to ‘ironic retro drink’. If that sounds a bit hipster, don’t worry – it is just an excuse to enjoy this delicious tropical drink with its tasty pineapple and coconut flavours and creamy texture without looking like your mum on holiday.

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