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5 Reasons Why Amusement Park is Good Place for a great date

5 Reasons Why Amusement Park is Good Place for a great date

Amusement park is only for kids! Just kidding. The combination of fun, romantic moments and the strong experience when the adrenaline makes itself felt is recipe for a great date!

1. People love strong emotions, even if they say they don't, go enjoy with your girl or boyfriend. If this s one of your first dates or if among you there are any barriers, risk and fun approach you to each other like nothing else! :)

2. Romantic moments. After crazy rollercoaster it's time for calmer attractions like for example ferris wheel. Only you two above the city, rejoice together and watch these little people at the bottom.

3. Get distance on yourself. Go look in the distorting mirror and make silly faces, poses, don't be shy. Put away the ego!

4. You can be the prince and princess, take a gun, shoot on target and win the biggest teddy bear for your lady. And you princess don't forget to tell him how male he is!

5. Lots of laughter, the more the better. Barrels of laughter, go-karts.. it's all favors good fun, so go and enjoy!

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