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5 Reasons Why You Will Never Reach Your Dreams

We all have dreams and passions inside of us. We've all asked, "How do I reach my dreams?" They have been hidden down deep in us before we were born, in our DNA, in our genetic makeup. You see people making their lives full of purpose and fulfilling passions and deep desires, but why aren't you? What are you doing that is holding you back from reaching your dreams? I am going to share 5 things you are doing that are preventing you from soaring. These tips have helped me as well as my coaching clients get on the path to success and create a life of purpose while living out our dreams.

 You don't respect your present. 

Did you know that everything you do today will affect your tomorrow? So often we are so focused on being somewhere in the future, that we do not respect our present. We cannot change the past, because it is already done. We cannot change the future, because it is not here. The only thing you and I have control over is right now. Our present. So how do you change your future? You appreciate where you are today and use it to help your future. Which leads me into the next point...

You are not giving 110% of yourself now.

Why are you waiting for your dreams to come to give 110% of yourself to the journey? We do not realize the power we possess. We are capable of moving mountains today and yet we are waiting for tomorrow. GO HARD NOW. I had a coaching client admit to me that he had some projects that he didn't give his all to, because he was saving his all for that bigger client. Is this you? Did you know that there is so much ability and potential in you that you MUST give your everything to what you have today, so that you can be that much GREATER tomorrow? If you are not pouring your all into everything you have and do now, you are limiting your potential and widening the gap between yourself and your dreams. 

You don't expose yourself to new opportunities.

There are many opportunities that are waiting for YOU, yes YOU, to take them. As an artist and newbie entrepreneur, I have had many people ask to work with me and I have turned them down or not really followed up with them. If opportunities come that are in line with your goals and you do not take them, because you are "above" them or waiting for something better - you are doing yourself a disservice! You never know what small opportunity, may open up a BIG door. Sometimes something I have done totally unrelated, but as a help to someone, has opened up a plethora of other opportunities for my brand. Don't miss out.

You don't help others. 

We can all use a little help at times, some of us more than others. Have you ever heard of the giving principle? Or perhaps, Karma? God created this principle in the land that you reap what you sow. Give a little and a little will come back. Give a lot and a lot will come back, but most importantly just give. It gives you a giddy feeling, it allows you to connect on a personal level with someone, and it benefits you. Why are you looking down on others who need your help, your tips, your advice. Why aren't you pouring into them? So often, we think that helping others will hurt us. We don't share our industry secrets, because we don't want people to see success. I am a living example that helping others - helps you. Building others up, only builds you up more. Do not let something that you can easily add into your life today, be put on the back burner. Give to others, help others.

You are afraid of the next step.

 How many of you are in a comfortable spot, not really pushing the limit with anything in your life? Pretty stagnant? That is another reason you will never reach your dreams. Stepping out on faith, can feel a bit uncomfortable at times - actually it's always uncomfortable. But if you never step forward, you will always be in the same place. That next step requires something new of you. It may not even be a whole lot; but it requires you do something a little different this time. If you are afraid of leaving your comfort zone for something new - you won't ever get there. All things are new in God, if you are not pushing for NEW in your life, you will not go anywhere, trust me. "Be comfortable being uncomfortable. It may get tough but it's a small price to pay for living a dream." - Peter McWilliams

Have these motivated you? What other principles have you found that have been helpful to propelling your life forward? What hasn't worked?

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