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5 Tried and True Tips for Slaying Finals Week!

1.  Always, always, ALWAYS stock up on frozen meals before finals. When finals week hits, there will be no time to spare for cooking (or any other household obligations for that matter), so at least this will quickly satisfy your hangry (when hunger meets anger, two feelings that should never meet in the middle) demeanor as your swimming in a sea of class notes! Don’t forget to feed yourself, and try to get ACTUAL frozen meals! Don’t spend all your food money on frozen pizza, as tempting as that can be. Your body will thank you later!

2. Invest in a binder to organize the chaos that is consuming your backpack. We’ve all been there. Stacks and stacks of paper notes stuffed haphazardly at the bottom of your bag and the task of unfolding each one to find what you’re looking for. I get it. It’s a nightmare. That’s why we want to avoid this needless mess by organizing your notes by class in a binder so you’re able to efficiently sift through the madness. If you need even more organization, try adding some tabs into the binder so you can separate your notes not only by class but also by sections. Having everything organized before the week of finals ensures that you’re not wasting potential study time scrambling to get your educational life in order.

3. Negotiate quiet hours with your co-tenant. This week is going to wear you out to your core and you need to be armed with enough hours of sleep to survive each exam. Make it known to your roomie that a curfew needs to be in order or at least a time period every night in which the house remains relatively quiet for a proper wind-down from an otherwise stressful day. Sleep time is just as important as study time during this week so make sure you’re taking advantage and using your time effectively. Sleeping and studying will be consuming during these couple of days.

4. Gather your friends and create a study group to divide and conquer the material. Studying is so much more enjoyable when you’re not locked in your room, suffering alone. Brew some coffee and have a study sesh, quizzing each other on study guides and helping each other grasp the notes. It gives a positive incentive to a negative circumstance. Cramming is never fun, but having your friends or classmates to work with will motivate you to pull through.

5. Give yourself some time, even if it's just a few moments, to breathe! You will inevitably be stressed but you need to give yourself some moments to release some of that pent up finals week tension. Do some yoga for a few minutes, spend an hour catching up on Netflix (but be careful with this one, because watching Netflix can turn one hour into five), or close your eyes and listen to some music that calms you. Remember, you deserve a break. Give yourself a moment to find your center and put the week into perspective. In seven days, life will return to normal and you’ll have the entire summer to celebrate!

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