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5 Unconventional Ideas for a Great First Date

Movie dates, mall dates, coffee dates. There's nothing wrong with an easygoing get together, but first dates and dates beyond the first date don't have to be so typical! Making a date special is all about thinking outside of the box. I find that planning a date that deviates from the conventional “go-to”s is a great way to explore each of your interests and to experience something a little different for a change. Here are a few ideas for an unconventional date that might even earn you a second one!


 1. Painting with a Twist

 Are you both creative, explorative individuals that wouldn't mind a hint of wine to add in the mix? A great idea would be to visit a local Painting with a Twist (or similar location) to try your hand at painting a masterpiece with wine in hand and your lovely date by your side. Plus, the glass of wine might even loosen up your nerves if your butterflies are getting the best of you. You'll have great memories to carry with you and a piece of artwork that may or may not be wall-worthy!  


2. Go to the beach early enough to see the sunrise.

And then follow-up with breakfast at the best local joint you know! - Make sure to get some sleep the night prior to ensure that you'll be "bright eyed and bushy tailed", ready to start your morning romantically early with your date. If you don't have the financial means to go out for a nice breakfast, shoot for a picnic on the beach, picnic basket and all, with all your favorite pre-prepared breakfast foods! It's cheaper than eating out and will impress your date immensely that you thoroughly thought through your morning adventure. If you decide to do the latter, make sure you bring variety to the table to ensure that there's something that your date will enjoy!


3. Put your culinary skills to the test and take a cooking class

 Not only will this date provide you with an excellent meal, but it will also help you develop upon a skill that can be applicable in the future, with or without your date! First date becomes an absolute drag? At least you know how to cook a meal well potentially for a future first date! They’ll be impressed by your newfound culinary “expertise”! And if it works out in your favor? Maybe you and your date will give cooking class another go! Just take it easy with the knives, yes?  


4. Visit your local fuzzy friends (up for adoption and definitely in need of some love!) at the nearest Pet store or humane society

Who doesn’t like to spend an hour or two with some fuzzy pups? If you’re a pet person, specifically a dog person like me, this is a date that might bring out your companion’s sweet side! If you’d like to interact with the animals though, I’d recommend you make your way to the pet store instead so you’re able to play 2-on-1 with the puppies in the playrooms! (If you decide to visit the Humane Society, you must be 21 or older, in most places, to interact with the dogs outside of the cages but even just a visit can give the animals so much happiness, so keep that in mind as well!). A few fuzzy snuggles will definitely put both you and your date in a cuddling mood and maybe you’ll end up getting cuddled, too!  


5. Talk about dinner and a show!

Dinner theater is a great way to have both an interactive and exciting date, meal included! These events are held in many cities so check online for the shows nearest to you! If you’d like to take your date on a journey through time, perhaps take them to the Medieval Times dinner and tournament and enjoy the excitement of jousting, up close and personal, or perhaps take a walk in someone else’s (potentially murderous) shoes and take part in a Murder Mystery dinner show you’ll never forget!


Do you have any ideas for unconventional dates worth mentioning?

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