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5 Ways To Create and Relax

My main job/work is making videos for a TV channel and short promotional videos for organisations. Before it became work, making films and editing used to be my creative outlet. It was fun and exciting and something to do when I was bored. It was something to relax to.

These days, now that I am almost always filming or editing during the week, I need a different relaxation method. Maybe you do too. So here are 5 things you can try at home to be creative and use the part of your brain that isn't work. 

1. Start an Art Journal. 

Simply type the words Art Journal into Pinterest and you will receive a flood of beautiful, colourful images showing you people's pages out of their journals. Art journals are simply diaries that are visual. You can write in them but you also paint, mess around with different mediums, draw your fears, your loves, your desires. It is a different sort of release than keeping a written diary. You're allowed to get it wrong. There is no crossing out and sometimes, drawing and painting what you feel is much more powerful than writing it down. I did Art for my A-levels which killed the joy I used to get from art. Art Journaling made me see that it's ok to just draw what you want again instead of what is 'correct' or up to academic standards. Go on, have a go. You won't regret it.

I made a video a while ago introducing art journaling so check it out if you want more information:
How To Make An Art Journal

2. Revamp an old T-shirt

Got a T-Shirt that is too big? Make it fitted. Cut down the sides, take an inch or however much you need to off and snip in to the material all the way down leaving even spaces. You'll end up with little tags all the way down each side of the top. Then tie them together so you end up with a really cute knotted effect down the seams of your top and it will fit perfectly! 

See this YouTube video for a clear explanation:
DIY Knotted T-Shirt

3. Take a Walk

When was the last time you got some fresh air? With all our wonderful gadgets now, sometimes it seems unnecessary to seek any other entertainment. But I guarantee you a good long walk in the fresh air and sunshine (hopefully!) will activate your brain and senses in a different way. You will feel refreshed by seeing different landscapes and energised by the exercise. If the thought of taking a walk sounds boring then plug in some music while you do it. Take a camera and photograph random objects or walls or doors. 

4. Become A Magpie

While on your walk, why not try and find 3 interesting objects to take home. A stone, a flower, a piece of wood. Write little stories about them. Photograph in their natural habitat, then in their new home (your house). Write down how you think they feel about the move. What was their life before they met you? How do they feel now. What are their plans for the future? Yes, yes it all sounds ridiculous but you used to do this as a child and you had the freedom to play and not care what people thought of you. Allow yourself that freedom again and see how it relaxes you. You're not trying to make money or become famous here. You're just playing.  

5. Make A DIY Photo Frame

DIY Frame

Again, this is a wonderful project I came across on Pinterest. You take an old frame and attach wires across it horizontally and then you can switch out different photos or notes or anything you want to pin up. 

Check out these links below to see how it's done:
Make Your Own DIY Frame
3 Quick Easy Weekend Wall Projects

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