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8 Design Projects Done in Less Than a Minute Each

8 Design Projects Done in Less Than a Minute Each

How to make a lamp from a piece of tecture, stylish vase or bookshelf made out of a shoe box? This and more user adjrara presents in his video "8 design projects done in less than a minute each".

The items made by the man in the video are really aesthetic and simple to create! They may not be very durable, but their usefulness is for sure more than a few weeks. To make most of the projects, you only need things like paper, tecture, wine bottles, nails, and a wallpaper knife.

1. Round wall lamp

At first screw to the wall a small, short box, which will be a base for the round lamp. Now cut a circle out of white cardboard and screw it to earlier screwed box. And finally, hang a string of leds and turn it on. That's all!  

2. Vase made from an empty bottle of wine

To make one vase you need one piece of sheet (A4), one empty wine bottle, and a wallpaper knife. In the sheet, cut parallel lines. Now "wear" a bottle in this sheet, like in the video. Vase is done! 

3. Bookshelf from a Shoe Box

In the middle of longer sides of box, cut line perpendicular to the base. Now bend tecture to the outside like in the video, and do the right karate blow! :) Second variant of this is to glue each other bended pieces, cut circle hole then put there a bulb and... we have a lamp. :) 

4. Table Made from Newspapers

Take two newspapers and bend each page to the inside. Connect them together, and on the top put some top from wood or tecture. And project is done! :) 

5. Lamp from One Piece of Sheet

This project is pretty simply. You need one wide piece of sheet, cut in them a circle for a bulb, and glue the ends of a paper together. Turn light on and that's all. 

6. Bank, Stool, Shelf

This red furniture for first look seems more sophisticated. And for sure it's true and we can't do this in one minute. Author of the video don't show us how do such a piece of furniture, but I think we have to agree that it looks good and is very practical. If you know how it's made, share it with us in the comments below! :) 

7. Table from a Top and Four Wine Bottles

It's quite easy, at least the second part of the project. The first is to drink 4 bottles of wine (Just kidding, don't drink so much wine!!). If you've successfully done this challenge, connect the top with the cork in the bottles by screws.  

8. Hanger from a bottle

Take the empty plastic bottle and cut off the tip. Left element cut along in pretty narrow strips and bend them to the outside. Screw it to the wall and that's all, hanger is ready to use! 

Good luck! :)

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