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A Little Art Couldn't Hurt

A Little Art Couldn't Hurt

Many of us don't go to a theater explaining that it is expensive, we don't have with whom to go, or we have no time.

Each of us has a favorite actor from the country we live in. Don't you want to watch your favourites actors live? The cinema isn't the same place as the theater. In the theater, the actor is doing what he loves. He can gesticulate, talk with the audience, and improvise. Check when and where the play is exhibited and buy a ticket. Very often, after the performance, the actors speak with fans, answer questions and give autographs. It is is an experience of a lifetime.

Would you like to see such people as:

- Leonardo DiCaprio

- Robert Downey Jr.

- Clint Eastwood

- Christoph Waltz

- Morgan Freeman

- Johny Depp

- Robert De Niro

- Jack Nicholson 

- Al. Pacino

Of course, these are the biggest stars and seeing them perform live is almost impossible. But if we could see these actors in person, we would be able to see their abilities beyond the films they act in.


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