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Build a Kite and Have Fun With Your Kid!

Kite flying is fun and at the same time a great opportunity to spend time with your child. But contrary to appearances, this is not only fun for the kids.

 Instead of buying ready kite we can construct it yourself. How? To build a kite we will need:

  • - 2 straight, lightweight slats
  • - a large sheet of paper, carbon paper or foil
  • - wide colorless tape
  • - thread
  • - fishing line or string
  • - cutter or scissors

1. At first, cut the slats so that the shorter has to be 3/4 length of longer slat length.

2. In a half-length of a long slat perpendicular attach the shorter. Use either glue or tape, and make sure that the slats are connected strongly enough. 

3. At the ends of strips cut thin grooves, which resist the line. Line is to connect all four ends of slats and create the outline of a kite.

4. Stick foil to made ​​structure. Use the tape to this.

5. For the three corners of kite (front and both side) attach a piece of string. Then connect them together so as to create an optimal angle of the kite.

6. To the finished kite, attach the cable, which will serve as a leash. Tie it to the bracelet so that the kite doesn't escape you!

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