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Build Tree House

Have you always been jealous while watching movies, where children play into a tree house? Why don't you do it now? This is the best fun for everyone in every age. Finally, you have a little more time, so use it well.

 What to do when bored:

Do the tree house with friends. Think about where are some trees in your area. Sometimes you don't need entire forest to make a tree house. Find the most unique place. The only things you will need are a hammer, a knife, nails, some boards and good humore of course!

Create the beginning of a plan of action. Everyone needs to be responsible for something else. They should pay attention to the fact that the tree must be branched. When you start build your thee house, you won't even know when the time is running out. This is a very good investment for years. The tree house you can use for a getaway with a girl or party with friends.

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