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Camping in a Remote Area as Weekend Getaway

Weekend out of town doesn't have to be expensive. On the contrary, it can be very cheap. One such option is camping in a remote location, it might be mountains, glade near the lake, or other pleasant place. We present you two options for the brave and the very brave people.

1. Comfort version.

You need a tent, some food,propably some alcohol like beer or wine, depends what you prefer. The best if you check wheter earlier, with favorable weather conditions, you can do more things. Depending on the time of year, get dressed properly. Necessarily bring sleeping bags and mats. Much more to happiness don't have to, we're sure it's a great way to calm down and get away from everyday life. Best not to take unnecessary electronics. Laptop, tablet and the player unless can be at home, right? ;)


2. Extreme version.

In an extreme scenario you can arrange a school of survival. If you want, take a tent, but remember that the real adventure starts with an ax in his hand while building the shelter. Also depends on you whether you take the food from home or will gain them ourselves. Contrary to appearances, this is not so extreme case. If you go to the lake, fishing rods will be enough. Of course, take water and some emergency food. This is the extreme version, so for the beginning one night will be enough. Best of all it is (except for the memories of course) that we know yourself from the other side. In such conditions, we are able to do things, that normally would seem that we aren't. Good luck!


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