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Concealing Undereye Discoloration/ Dark Circles

Concealing Undereye Discoloration/ Dark Circles

Waking up with an ugly discoloration under your eyes from a late night partying or working hard is a normal scenario that could happen to anyone of us. I really didn't know a lot about undereye circles until I began applying makeup and became more aware of my skin and what not. At first, I thought foundation will just suffice in concealing them but obviously it doesn't. 

 Don't  worry though, I have found an effective way of covering them and I am so excited to share it with you. All you  need are three things.  You need a color stick in salmon peach/orange. Well, you might think orange color corrector/concealer might look strange on your skin (I thought exactly the same thing at first), but actually you'll  be surprised as to how effective it is in covering any cool-toned discolorations in your skin. You will also need a concealer. You can choose to use a concealer that is the same shade as your foundation or if you want a more lifted and highlighted effect on your face, then a concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin is perfect.  Finally, the last optional thing you need is a dampened sponge. Or if you don't have one, don't sweat it out, your fingers are just as effective. Although, blending it with your finger might take a bit longer than blending it with a sponge. Finally, a translucent powder is also needed to set everything in place.  

Please find the step-by-step picture tutorial and the detailed instructions below. 

  1. Get ready with your orange color corrector, concealer, sponge (optional) and translucent powder. 
  2. Start with a bare face (before applying your face makeup). Applying it before your foundation works better because you don't want to mix your color corrector on top of  your foundation. You would want to use it to correct the exact shade of the discoloration.
  3. Apply the orange corrector to areas with redness and blueish color.
  4. Use your "ring finger" to gently press and even out the product.  Tips: You would not want to be tagging or pressing too hard on the skin around your eyes since it is the softest skin on your face. That's why using your "ring finger" is important because it gives the lightest force/pressure among all your fingers. Always remember to use your ring finger when ever you are pressing product around your eyes including eye creams and eye primer.
  5. Then, layer up with the concealer that's 2 shades lighter than your skin. Create a triangular shape along the corner of your nose. This will highlight the area and bring it forward. 
  6. Repeat step 4.
  7. To make sure everything is blended, take a dampened sponge and use a tapping motion to blend everything out. Make sure to blend it outward towards your temple.
  8. See the difference! You can then, apply the rest of your face makeup then set your undereye with a translucent powder. The translucent powder will not add anymore color to your skin it'll just set your concealer so it doesn't move throughout the day.

There you go, dolls. I hope my tips are useful and that this article helps you create a healthier well rested look. 

Let me know how it works for you.

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