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Create Your Own Blog. Tips for Beginers.

More and more people share their opinions, passions and interests through blogs and vlogs. By providing content on the web, we operate on a global scale, so if our thoughts turn out to be valuable, a blog can gain immense popularity. Founding his vlog or blog is very easy and doesn't require additional ability to create web pages.


1. Starting a blog or vlog. When it comes to blogging, the easiest solution is to use ready-made platforms for blogging such as wordpress or blogspot, which are completely free. If you don't want to be in our domain element .wordpress or .blogspot, we need to separately purchase a domain and then connect it with our blog. The cost of a domain is generally about a few dollars per year. When it comes to vlogging, the most popular tool is YouTube. There just create your channel and immediately we can start upload videos.


2. How to promote a blog and vlog. The beginnings are difficult, our blog already exists but the world still doesn't know about it. First, you can share it with your friends on facebook, twitter or other social networks. In addition, it is worth to create the appropriate page on the aforementioned Facebook, dedicated to our work.

If your content is dedicated, for example, healthy eating, look for groups, parties and any other sites on this subject. There you will find potential readers, show them that there is something like your blog!

Another solution is to establish cooperation with other people, which lead similar blogs, vlogs and then mutual promoting. It is best if these people are at a similar stage of development as you. Cooperation with "big" player can be quite a big challenge. It should also know the term "positioning" to help people to find you in a search engine.

Beginnings can be difficult, but remember that the larger the audience has your blog, the faster it will spread.


3. Making money on the blog and vlog. When Your blog will gain in popularity, probably you'll want to use it. On the blog you can place contextual ads of various ad networks, the most popular are AdSende or AdTaily. In short, the ad earnings grow after clicking on the advertisement. Price per click depends mainly on the subject which the advertisement relates.


If you run already your own blog or maybe your own vlog, don't forget to share it with us below. Good luck! :)

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