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Documenting a Night of Memories

A good date doesn't have to be sophisticated. It could be argued that just simple ideas like taking a walk or an outing to grab a drink are the best. Most people want to have a great, fun date with some romantic moments that will remain in memory for time to come. It's cool, because our proposal connects both approaches. On the one hand, there's less pressure, but on the other hand, it provides an interesting activity and an opportunity to laugh and converse.

A fun date should be one that leaves you with funny scenarios and a lasting impression. Take pictures of each other and note funny texts, fragments of conversation, and videos from the times you spent together. These are the memories that will stay with both parties beyond the date.

When you're out, don't be afraid to document the moment. Photograph a nicely decorated venue, your drinks, maybe the bartender who made a wise crack that had you both laughing, the food you shared, your faces, or even your dirty mouth after eating. Do not exaggerate the documentation of these intimate moments, however, because some are better left only in our minds, to later be recalled from a different perspective. Over-photographing these moments could potentially spoil the effect.

After a date, create a montage of all the moments you shared and burn it on a CD to share with your date. Maybe one day accidentally you'll find this disc, and the happy memories will come flooding back!


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