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Don't Let Your Past Determine Your Future!

Don't Let Your Past Determine Your Future!

Have you ever had a situation when practicing some kind of sport or doing anything else was uncomfortable and you decided never do it again? But why? Maybe you missed some great experiences through one bad moment in your life. Try to give yourself one more chance to do things that were uncomfortable for you earlier and don't let past determine your future!

Start today from the simple things, things that always make you problems and you can overcome it immediately. When you have the opportunity to do something difficult for you, take it! In doing so, you will learn something new.

Remember that some people grab the opportunity and live life to the fullest, while others are frustrated that they could but have never tried. It depends on you which side you take. The point is not to do everything perfectly, but just to overcome your fears. 

Written by Tomasz Zając
Edited by Mandy Cramer

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