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Original and Cheap Date Idea? Drive-in Cinema!

Off to the movies isn't, unfortunately a original idea. Date in the cinema? Boring. Nowadays, if you want to surprise your partner, you have to effort a little more.

While the cinema is hackneyed, drive-in cinema is much more interesting type of entertainment. Of course if you want to arrange a more interesting date, it will require much effort. It is possible that the nearest cinema of this kind must drive many miles. It may also occur, so that in the near isn't such a place. All is lost? Not necessarily. You can always go to the movies at the mall, right? But this will be just another ordinary date.

If actually in the area isn't any drive-in cinema, you can make them yourself. Just that you will find a piece of light (preferably white) wall, in a secluded and safe place. You will need a laptop and a projector. Buy or rent a movie that you want to see. Make sure that your laptop can play it properly. Connect your computer to the projector and set it on the roof or hood of the car.

The session is now ready, you can also buy snacks and soft drinks. Enjoy watching!


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