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Easy and Natural Way to Be More Beauty: Coconut Oil

Do you know something about coconut oil? I did, but I recently found out that my knowledge about it, and it's benefits is shamelessly small. What I knew was, that this natural oil is the most used natural oil in cosmetics, because of the nutrients it contains. What I didn't knew (but I know now) is that pure coconut oil it can be used for everyday care, and even replace some beauty products. So I use it. A lot! Here is what for:


1. Nights cream

I simply add it on my face in the evenings. It hidrates and makes it smooth and soft. 

2. Homemade scrub

I knew about the coconut and brown sugar scrub. Now I'm totally addicted to Lip, and the feeling it leaves when used. You just mix pure coconut oil with some brown sugar. In the shower, the coconut oil melts and hidrates skin while sugar exfoliates. The result: gorgeous soft skin.

3. Face mask

Just mix pure honey with coconut oil and add it on your face. Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse. 

4. Hair conditioner

Coconut oil is perfect for hair with dry ends, because it hidrates them and leaves hair soft and easy to style.  It simply replace the hair serum. 

5. Lip balm

My lips were really dry (so dry that they hurt). So I melted some coconut oil on my finger and used it as lip balm. I do it every day since. 

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