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Easy Dessert for Winter Evening

Easy Dessert for Winter Evening

Winter is coming, the evenings are getting longer… Is that make you feel in the mood for something delicious more often? If it’s so, I present you the recipe for easy dessert that perfect fits both to your warm blanket and for dinner with your loved ones.

 You will need:

  • few apples
  • apple jam
  • sugar
  • 30% cream (or ready whipped cream)
  • nuts, spice cookies, chocolate…

 Above-mentioned components you can change the way you like and number of them you can choose by yourself.

All you have to do is to drill and dice the apples and put them into pot with sugar (you can use white or brown sugar) to caramelized it. You should do it till the apples become soft.

The next step is to beat the cream and crumble the spice cookies, nuts and chocolate into small pieces.

Finally you need to combine it together.

Take the glass and put the layers of your components, starting with apple jam, then nuts, caramelized apples, cookies, whipped cream and ending with chocolate.

You can also add a liqueur or a syrup.

In winter the best choice will be to eat dessert while it's still warm so you can heat up a little the apple jam. 


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