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Five Things To Do Without Your Phone

Our generation has become frighteningly reliant on their phones. Constantly checking social media, reading up on the latest in celebrity gossip. 

Now I'm most definitely not saying that phones and computers have ruined our life. We are more connected with the wider world, was can speak to loved ones across the planet. But sometimes it's good to take a break. Here are five things to do instead of checking your Facebook feed for the fifth time.

Read a book
When was the last time you read a real book? One with paper pages and a spine. Go to a library and look for something you'd like. Inhale the strangely satisfying scent of the pages. Read the scribblings in between the lines. Think of everyone who has read that book and why. Think of what that book makes them feel and find your own feelings within it.
Go for a walk 
No matter who you are or where you're from a walk is good for your head. Take a look at your surroundings. Don't have your face in a phone. Breathe in the fresh air and realise how good it is to be outside. 
Putting pen to paper has become lost to tapping screens and keyboards. Sometimes writing with a pen can make an author more creative. Start that novel you've been putting off. Even writing a list of things you need to get done today is helpful for your productivity.
Talk to Those Around You 
Ask your mum how she is. Tell your flatmate all about your day. Ask your partner about their beliefs in astrology. Have a proper conversation about something other than Harry Styles latest tweet.
You may need your phone for this but you can be forgiven. Go to your room. Put on your favourite song and dance. Move like you're ten and S- Club 7 just came on. This is good exercise so putting your phone away really is good for your health sometimes.
If you do any of these and don't tweet about it you get extra points. If you have any ideas for what to do for a social media and phone break leave a comment below. 
Thanks for reading. 

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