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Forget Me Not. How To Store Your Memories.

Forget Me Not. How To Store Your Memories.

Memories are one of the few amenities we have that are free, useful, often fun and nearly always around.

We rely on memories for school, work, skills and more importantly to remember the ones we love. When it comes to them, we hate to think of a day when we won't remember their voice, their favorite color or that story Grandpa told us every week for 40 years.

For many people we tend to assume we will never forget a good memory. There are hundreds of memories we will carry with us our whole lives, but also so many that will slip away.

What Can We Do?

How can we prevent our regrets later about not remembering something or someone we love because our brains didn't cling onto that memory the way we thought they would?

Why not take some time to record them? How?

You Decide

There's several different ways to consider recording your memories.

Pick what works for you.
- How many do I want to write down?
- How often would I like to record them?
- How detailed should I get? 
- What ways would I like to record my memories?
- How can I put them all together?

Do you want to write some down every day? Every week?

How many do you want to record? 5 a day? 10 a week? Should each family member write one of their own or just have one person record them?

Do you want to write in detail or just a short recap?

How can you record them? Of course you can write them down in a notebook or type them on the computer.
What about other ways? You could record an audio message about the memory yourself, perhaps even use the audio recorder to let your brother tell the funny joke he told at dinner or the life lesson mom learned in high school.

You can even use a visual and audio recorder. Sit down each day and record the memories you've decided to keep. When Grandpa is going to tell his favorite war story, set the camera up before he starts.

What do you want to do with them once they are recorded?  You could make a scrapbook with memories, quotes and pictures. You can compile a year-by-year written or typed book with all the memories included. You could also put all audio or video recordings with a book detailing dates and details excluded from the recordings.

The End Result

It won't take much time and it can become a nice bonding experience for you and your loved ones. When that person is no longer with you, you'll have a book full of memories full of stories, jokes, the way they made you feel, their favorite things. Anything you want to remember, just open the book and read.

Record everybody's favorites, including your own. When your children are older they can open a book one Saturday afternoon and read about what your favorite movie was, what you enjoyed doing that summer, which pets you were bonding with, new friends you were meeting, skills you were learning.

They won't have to rely on whether the memories are intact because it will all be there in front of them. Make some memories by saving memories!

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