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Frugal Feline Fun. Inexpensive Toys for Your Cat.

Frugal Feline Fun. Inexpensive Toys for Your Cat.

Cats are a fantastic way to provide people with a loving companion to keep them active. Everybody loves rewarding their pets with treats or new toys, but no one wants to empty their wallets on overpriced trinkets.  Luckily, there are many ways we can treat our beloved animals, have lots of fun and keep the "dime-dropping" to a minimum.

Inexpensive Toys

-Buy a big gift bag from a dollar store and open it up. Cats often enjoy running in and out of the bags. Sometimes they may take some toys inside or curl up and take a nap. Add some tissue paper for extra fun! Some cats love the noise and will enjoy jumping on and off the paper, pawing it up under their bellies or hiding underneath.

-When you bring home a new pair of shoes save the box and let your cat enjoy playing in it. Even if your cat is "too big" for the box they usually have fun trying to squeeze themselves inside.

-If it's time to replace the shoe strings in your sneakers, give the old shoe strings to your cat to bat around. Flick them around while holding them, tie them to a door knob, attach them to the back of a motorized mouse or lay them on the floor and wait for the cat to attack.

-Whether you're a knitter, into arts and crafts or are just looking for a cheap item for your furry friend to play with, toss them a ball of yarn! They will enjoy grabbing and kicking the ball as well as playing with the string they throw off.

Enjoyable Activities

-Buy a bottle of non-toxic bubbles. When used outside you and your fluffy friend will get fresh air and maybe some sunshine and make some fun memories chasing the elusive spheres. Your cat will love running around trying to catch the bubbles in their mouths, watching them pop as they paw at them and trying to get to them before they hit the ground!

-Get a laser pointer. It only costs a couple of dollars, usually lasts a few months and provides hours and hours of entertainment for both you and your feline. Cats instantaneously go crazy over chasing the little red dot as it darts around the room. This activity provides your cat with great exercise and will provide you with many laughs and heartwarming memories for years to come.

Don't let financial concerns impede your cat's playtime. Try these frugal tips and stimulate your cat's days with a fuller wallet and long-lasting excitement. 

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