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Grave Beginnings by R.R. Virdi Review

Vincent Graves isn’t your ordinary private investigator, in fact he isn’t your ordinary human.

Vincent is a soul without a body of his own. He was killed by a paranormal being many years ago and now he bounces from body to body solving the murder of the body that he happens to be inhabiting at the time. However there’s a catch he has a time limit sometimes it’s 24 hours sometimes more, in this case its only 13 hours. He has a special tattoo that counts down, much like a clock letting him know how much time he has left.

Vincent’s newest case finds him waking up into darkness, he was buried inside a coffin of another person having to claw and punch his way out. Now with the disguise of Norman, a curator at a major museum in New York City. He has to rush through the streets of NY to find the killer before his time runs out. Along the way he runs into an unlikely ally in FBI agent Ortiz, who runs head first into this crazy world and never looks back. Grave Beginnings is filled with action, excitement, and adventure from the very first page and it will leave you breathless. This is one book you simply have to check out for yourself. I promise you there is plenty of surprises to go around and you won’t be disappointed.

Indie Author R.R. Virdi is just getting his foot in the door in the writing world but if this first book is any indication of what the future holds for this young author then I expect great things for him and the world of Vincent Graves. The Paranormal world will forever be changed for the better, look out Neil Gaiman there’s a new kid in town and he is on the rise.

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