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Have You Ever Wanted to Fly or Travel Back in Time? Find Out How to Control Your Dreams!

Have You Ever Wanted to Fly or Travel Back in Time? Find Out How to Control Your Dreams!

Many people don’t realize we can control our dreams. We're largely wasting one of our greatest abilities. Let me change that by teaching you a bit about lucid dreaming.

Controlling your dreams is one of the most exciting experiences. If you want to walk in the clouds or explore strange worlds, you can now! With practice you can also increase your chances of having “dream within a dream” like in Inception. But don’t forget that DiCaprio’s wife may kill you and don't say I didn't warn you!

Below, I've presented some practical instructions on how to control your dreams:

1. Your Dream Journal

In your Dream Journal, you will write down what you remember dreaming. Keep it beside your bed. If you awake from a dream during the night, make sure you immediately write down a few notes about what you were dreaming. You should also write down what you want to dream about. Imagine the environment you want to experience when you fall asleep. Even the smallest things are important. The trick is to “pre-load” your mental state. Let's say you want to dream of space travel. Before you go to bed, try reading books about planets. Do you want to dream about vampires? Ask Edward Cullen does he want to keep his eyes on you every night. Or maybe you want to dream about Safari? Force Edward to sing Hakuna Matata Song while you sleep. Remember! For example, if you have a fear of snakes, don't say “I hope there won't be any snakes”. This enables your subconscious to think about snakes and place them in your dream!

2. Am I awake or am I dreaming?

Ask yourself: “Am I awake or am I dreaming?" This will help you tell the difference between the dream world and reality when you are asleep. If you think you are dreaming, look at your hands and just try counting your fingers. You are physically unable to do that, whereas in real life it is no problem. You can also look at text. Suppose a poster in your room says Pulp Fiction. Turn away for a minute. If you look at the poster again and it says The Princess & The Popstar, the reality check will tell you that you're dreaming. Another way to control your dream is to look at an analog clock and try to make the second hand move backwards. If it moves backwards you will realize that you're dreaming. It won't work when you're awake.

3. Getting control in dreams

When you realize you're dreaming, try to calm yourself down. If you get too excited about starting control most of what happens in your dream, you might accidentally wake up. Firstly, try small activities. Things like swimming, dancing or skateboarding can be fun when you realize you're in full control. Secondly, gradually build up to bigger activities. A lot of people enjoy flying and scuba diving in the ocean and passing through walls. Like in Inception, try moving huge objects or build your own city. You can do anything that comes to your mind!

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