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Hide and Seek

There is nothing more beautiful than years of childhood.

what to do when bored:

It remind us of the August summer when we were youth. It was a time when nobody need a computer and internet to be happy. That time was rather pleasant for ourselves. As we know Sport is good for health . We can not hide until something will find us. The places it should be doing must be playgrounds, skate parks, almost everywhere you can make a space to hide and where you can hide behind something. The purpose of this is not to wait until someone find us but trying to reach the place that the seeker started. We must be first before the seeker in this place to win the game. If the person do it faster than the seeker, he must do his work again. I recall in the rules, that the start place you discus all together. The game will make give you a lot of fun also you will get tired for all ages. The best moment to start the game is when the darkness begin.

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