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How To Create A Unique Online Treasure Hunt!

How To Create A Unique Online Treasure Hunt!

Whether you're in a new relationship and eager to make a good impression, or part of a tried and true couple, everyone can benefit by adding a little novelty and spicing things up a bit. Devising an online treasure hunt is easy and fun. Just follow these simple tips and soon you'll have the person you care about highly intrigued and wondering what other creative tricks you have up your sleeve.

1. Make a list of all the recipient's hobbies, interests, favorite things and places. You'll refer to this list often to set up the treasure hunt so keep it handy.

2. Decide whether you want to write your clues to rhyme or be more like little puzzles.  If rhyming, begin writing short couplets to match the list you've made in step number one.  Example:  Let's say you have chosen a theater because your partner loves movies.  You will be sending them to a specific website for their next clue.

We've taken our seats and the lights turn low,

Our popcorn is buttered as we watch the show.

At 7:15 pm a famous book turned into a movie will start,

You'll find the title and my "book review" if you're smart!

Now they know the time the film starts and they can go online to see that "Fifty Shades of Gray" is what's showing at that particular time. They will then find their next clue in a review on Amazon that you've previously written!

3. Continue setting up clues in sequential order at online websites. You can get as elaborate or as basic as you want, depending on the level of difficulty you'd like to achieve. Get creative and use pictures/images as visual clues. Alternatively you can pick sites that have places to leave comments, blogs or reviews and embed your clues in those. You can also use social media to send clues, like putting a message that only they understand on their Facebook newsfeed or a private Tweet. 

4. When everything has been arranged online in order, be sure and do a trial run-through so that you can make sure nothing is omitted and all the clues follow in a logical manner. It's best to number the clues on a piece of paper and then retrace your steps online so you can make sure everything is ready to go and syncs up.

5. Compose an initial starting clue which you can either send by text or email.  This will launch off the entire thing!

6. Be sure to pick a time to begin when your partner is available to concentrate, free from work or other conflicts.

7. Have fun and definitely be prepared for your partner to make another treasure hunt in return for you!   



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