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How To Get Motivation To Exercise

Do You want to build Your dream body? Or maybe just stay in shape or maintain good fitness? Seems easy. Repeat, repeat, repeat, exercise everyday. "I'm tired after school/work/watching TV", "Not today, but I promise tomorrow I will exercise!", "Weather makes me feel blue, not in the mood to do anything". Sounds familiar? The biggest problem about repeating something is to repeat.

Do You know how I get rid of it? It's simple trick. I wrote down an achievement "Exercise everyday for a month" and drew little square by the sentence to make "x" in after achieving my goal. Then, everyday after training I was doing little line representing a day with exerciseing. Seventh day I had 6 lines side by side like this: | | | | | | and that day, after workout, I had | | | | | | . One week was after me! And the same was for the rest of the month. Where is the catch? If it's is Your goal and You really want to achieve it - You don't want to lose. But when You skip even one day - You don't have a line mark. You can't have full week without it and You can't go back in time to fill the blank. You lose. I did it and it worked for me. I was angry at myself and didn't want to skip any day. I was looking for a gap in a busy day to do even few push-ups, crouches, stretches, etc.

After a whole month I could proudly make an "x" in empty square and write next task - "Another month of daily exercises"

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