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How to Have Fun With Modelling Clay

Fun, development of manual skills, exercise patience and sense of aesthetics. Play with modeline provides it's all for our kids. Need to talk more?

 For modeling figures or anything else of modelling clay we need:

  • - white or color modelling clay
  • - a pot with boiling water
  • - brushes
  • - poster paints
  • - toothpicks
  • - cutter
  • - colorless nail polish

1. Before modelling, modelling clay should be good creased. This will allow more flexible creating.

2. First, create outline form. At this stage, we should focus on the most important elements of the form such as the torso, legs and head.

3. Then begin to model the smaller components like shoes or hands. Our character should now resemble his archetype. Correct any deficiencies, if everything is ok, let's move on.

4. Now, using toothpicks and a cutter, we can model the smallest details such as the eyes, ears, belts, bracelets, hair or nose. Do not hurry, add as much detail as you want.

5. If your character is ready, it should be stiffened. For this purpose throw it into boiling water for 5 minutes. Be careful not to burn your creation. An alternative option is to bake it in the oven.

6. If you used white modelling clay, now it's time to paint it. You can use ordinary poster paints, and brush, the best with natural bristles.

7. When our figure id already colorful, let's secure it before time runs out. In addition, colors become vivid. For this purpose paint the figure with colorless nail polish.

8. Now just wait until the nail polish dries. And our model is done.

Of course you can modeling everything you can imagine. We chose the figure that we need a specific example. Have fun!

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