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How To Do The Italian Affogado

I love drinking coffee. At work I prefer it clean and strong, to wake me up for the daily tasks. In the weekends on the other hand, I love trying all kind of coffee specialties: with milk, cream, foam, all sort of toppings. 

When it comes to coffee, there are two people inside me: one serious and strict who drink clean espresso to help go trought the day, and the other - happy and funny explorer, lover of new things. 
So, when I first found out about the affogato, my explorer was awaken, and wanted to try it immediately.

What is it? 

Affogato (from italian - drowned) is an Italian coffee recipe made by Ice cream and espresso. It is very simple to made. You just need your favorite ice cream and a cup of espresso ristreto (short espresso). All you need to do is "drawn" you ice cream in coffee, and eat it before it's melted.  You can use any kind of ice cream. My personal favourite is vanilla with chocolate syrup. 
Got your attention? Can't wait to read your thoughts about it.

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