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How to Take the First Step

"I'm waiting for a better time", "now I can not because ...", "I have a hard time", "I'll do it when..." and other such excuses, stop us from taking action, which could lead us to great effects.

Maybe you had an idea for a business, which never have realized, may want to start running or to join a gym, but never was appropriate moment. You wanted to say something to your family, but you did not, you liked a girl or a boy, but you did not say hi to them, because you were ashamed. All these situations require from us a lot of effort. This is the real reason for postponing those things for later and not "waiting for the right moment" when everything will be easier. If the above description has some similarities with your behavior, read on.

We as people use these excuses because our ego needs an excuse for inaction. "I do not do exercise, and I should" puts us in the role of lazy man, which is simply not want to, or a coward who is afraid. Nobody wants to be called lazy, no one wants to be called a coward. As a result, in order to avoid abusive epithets directed at us by ourselves, we have to find another explanation. This explanation is "going through a difficult time" and similar expressions.

The truth is that the "right moment" is always a step ahead of us, if you want something done, do it in the "wrong time", what's the difference? If you are looking for an idea for today, think about it. Do you want to live on a regular basis or always be a step backwards? Stop put off things for later. Take the first step towards the realization of your dreams, plans and goals. Even if it is small steps, you'll be closer, and you see that everything you do is reflected in the near future, you'll get motivated and the steps will be larger and faster. The most difficult thing is to start so do the most difficult job right now, this is why you read this article.

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