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List of Goals For the Next 3 Months. How to Realize Your Checklist Points.

List of Goals For the Next 3 Months. How to Realize Your Checklist Points.

Research shows that people who plan their lives and determine their objectives, achieve more, and realize their dreams. If you have a free moment, think about what you would like to have, what you want to achieve or how you like to look at the context of the long and short term.

1. Specify goals in a positive way. Instead of I don't want to be fat -> I want to be fit, instead of I don't want to be poor -> I want to be rich. Most people talk about what they don't want, instead of what they want. This is the paradox. The problem is that our brain can't distinguish this and as a result subconsciously realize the aim of "being obese", instead of being thin. Find out more about how our mind works so that it is our tool, not a hindrance.

2. Objectives place in context and expressing them through concepts of sensory. When your goal is to buy a new car, imagine that you're going to the soccer game or a cinema in a newly purchased car. Involved in it all the senses, smell the fresh upholstery, soft material of a sterring wheel, the sound of rushing tires on asphalt and the view from the window which is constantly changing. Imagine how convenient is the new chair, how much space is in the cabin, how looks entire interior. Is playing music? What kind of? From the radio or CD? Let this description is accurate as far as possible, so that, your mind adjusts to a realization of this image.

3. The objectives that you can achieve yourself. Only in this way you will have total control if you can realize your goals. Also in case of failures do not waste your responsibility and not blame others. Let your objectives will be yours, determined by you, not imposed by parents, teachers, friends and let their implementation will be in your hands.

4. Objectives judge fairly. Think of the consequences that are associated with the achievement of goals. Are you able to give up eating chocolate, to slim? Would you agree to work after hours to buy a boat? Investigate all possible consequences.

5. The last question we need to ask is: is your goal worth the effort, is sufficiently valuable? Has to be like that, otherwise you can not get motivated enough to achieve it.

If you know already this basic principles of goal setting, make your list. We prefer and recommend three-month periods, because they are enough long to do a lot of things and they are located in the near future. You know goals on which you're working right now and they look realistic.

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