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Use Creativity and Make Art Out Of Cubes!

Have You heard about Minecraft? Who hasn't :) One of the most popular games in last years. Why, You ask? The beauty is in simplicity. Running this game You get huge, almost infinite world made out of different cubes in the same size. You can collect materials, craft hundreds of items out of them and...create whatever You want!

Infinite possibilities to create pixelarts, houses, castles, monuments, sculptures or even whole big cities. You can find inspirations on the Internet or just make everything up. Check how accurate You can recreate well-known building out of simple cubic shapes or whatever Your imagination tells You.

The game provides You with singleplayer mode where You can do everything by Yourself or You can cooperate with friends to develop enormous ideas in multiplayer mode.

If You created something share it with others! Many players would like to see what You've done and share their opinions. The best thing about creating anything is to share and let other people enjoy it with You :)

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