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Make the Most of Your Summer

The sun is blistering, the sprinklers are on full blast and nature is staying awake at night to keep you company. Everybody loves these laid back summer days but they seem to pass so quickly.  It's the same situation every year: the joy of a sleep in, have fun, lower responsibility summer is met with the terror and disappointment of realizing it's halfway through and there's so much you haven't done! Well, it's that time of the year again, but no worries, there's plenty of time to squeeze in whatever memorable plans you had in mind when summer began.

You may be asking "What do I want to do before summer ends?", "Am I forgetting anything?", "What opportunities should I take advantage of while it's still nice outside?" Have no fear, your end of summer checklist is here.

Fun & Heart Warming Activities

-Spend time with friends and family.  There doesn't seem to be any better time for bonding and making memories than those long, relaxing summer nights.

-Find a new book and set up a hammock or chill on the patio getting lost in good literature (or puzzles).

-Bust out the grill, invite the family and eat on the patio enjoying the sun and fun company.


 Don't Miss Out on These Warm Weather Opportunities

-Bust out the bathing suits and find a neighborhood pool (or jump in your own) and enjoy washing the heat away with cool, refreshing water and pool games.

-Find a water park in your area and spend the day on water slides and getting soaked on fun summer water rides.

-Unplug for the day and take the kids or some friends outside and break out the water guns, fill up some water balloons and declare a water war.

-Enjoy some quiet time with a loved one by packing up a basket with some sandwiches and wine and a blanket and head out to a quiet, secluded area for a nice romantic picnic.

-Take a trip to the lake with the kids or some friends.  Enjoy the sights, walk a nature trail, play some beach volleyball, set up a camp fire, play a card game, cook out or take a dip in the refreshing water. Some areas may even offer fun extracurricular activities to enjoy like kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing,  paddle boating or fishing.

There's plenty of time left to go out and enjoy the summer season. So if you've slept the first half away, don't worry. Take this list with you and get out there and enjoy what's left of the warm, sunny season.

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