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Practice Yoga Outdoor. Tips and Exercises.

Relaxation of muscles throughout the body, oxygenate the body, strengthen the tendons and joints, improve posture, protect the spine from injury. It's part of the benefits of practicing yoga.


Practicing yoga outdoors can be fun. The most popular place is the park, but if you live in the countryside, the sea, the mountains and you know a better place - each will be good.
Here is a proposed set of exercises with descriptions. This is a basic yoga workout. We have also prepared for you a special cheat sheet that you can print on a sheet of A4, so as to always have on hand the entire workout plan.

Before you start practicing yoga, you need to know the basic principles by which exercise will be effective.

1. At first, be focused on the performed exercise, focus on your body, try not to think about other things that will distract you.

2. Another issue is the breath. Breathe deeply, inhale and exhale slowly.

3. Equipment. The only thing you need to practice is flexible outfit and mat. Best to practice barefoot.

4. If anything causes a disturbing pain, stop doing it. It is not about pain while stretching muscles.

Prepared by us cheatsheet with training plan based on this video (click).

You can also print this list of exercices in high resolution here. (A4)

yoga training plan 



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