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Return All Borrowed And Already Read Books

Return All Borrowed And Already Read Books

You are looking for one of your favourite books. You are searching at all the racks and finally all is clear. You borrowed it to someone. Do you know this terrible feeling? And maybe you are this one who holds long ago read books? The books which you have at home can be easily classified.

Your books

With these everything is fine. They idly lie on the shelf and exist in harmony with its intended destiny. Sometimes when you have an internal need to read something - like one time for every five years, they take some exercises and stretch their pages. But for now leave them alone.

Borrowed and already read books  

Here is a simple matter, if you read a book - return it. It's your activity for the weekend. :)

Borrowed and currently readed books

Here we can divide books into two categories. The first are borrowed and currently readed books. With these everything is ok, keep reading.

The second category is "Borrowed and currently-from-two-years readed books". At this point you have to ask yourself if are you really going to finish this reading. And when it happens? Because if it take too long maybe you could give up. Think about books, they want go home. :(

Borrowed books that you are going to read

Another topic for serious discussion. Are you going to read this book? Are you really going to read this book? Are you for sure, really and seriously going to read this book? If answer is not "yes", take your bike and go return book it's owner.

So guys, idea for the weekend: return read and some unread borrowed books. :)

Yes, I write this post because I don't have actually my favourite book. :(

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