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Take Care About Your Place of Living and Refurnish Your Room

Take Care About Your Place of Living and Refurnish Your Room

Do you like change? Minor refurnishment can have a big impact on the sense of space in the room. Think about creative setting of furniture. Is the previous time you would arrange the furniture, did you it automatically, just as it was in home of your parents, or a previous apartment?


1. Furniture layout. First of all, is it practical? Draw on a piece of checkered scaled plan of your room, then forget all schemes on furnishing the room. Normally we don't notice the best solutions, beacuse strive for normality and statements that accompany us throughout our lives. It is worth remembering a few tricks.

11. Placing sofa, table top or other large, oblong piece of furniture in the middle of the room can give the impression of breaking it in half, often in this way connects the kitchen and lounge.

12. In the oblong roomswe need to be careful to set the furniture for a long walls to avoid the effect of room-corridor.


2. Lighting. If the only light source is a light bulb hanging from the ceiling and it isn't a basement, we encourage you to vary the lighting of your living space. Additional lighting depends on the nature of the room, the kitchen should install extra lights over the worktop, and in the office over the desk. The bedroom can not miss night lights. Another freestanding lamps with a pleasant light, also are pleased to welcome. In the living room, where we often spends a lot of time and watching the TV, you might want to use additional lighting, so sitting in the evening, the light will be more pleasant for the eyes. They can be wall lamps, table lamps or standing.


3. Decorations. Frame, flowers, curtains, mirrors, carpets, ie everything that beautifies our homes. Look around your room and look for unnecessary, old, unfashionable things, figures, vases, clocks and rate if it all isn't to much. Not always more is better. Yes, the decorations add climate, home atmosphere, but you have to find a happy medium. We prefer one and a half meter high palm instead of seven seedlings on the window, empty wall stressing one hanging picture or image and stylish decoration on the commode instead of an exhibition of memorabilia.

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