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The Keys To A Good Writing Station

The Keys To A Good Writing Station

The Keys To A Good Writing Station

This is my writing station. It’s simple, functional, and has a beautiful view. For the past few months, I’ve been writing every day and I’ve figured out a few things about what helps with inspiration and what doesn’t. For instance, clutter does not help with inspiration. Here’s what I’ve found that works:


1. You need a laptop.

This is the first step to a good writing station. You need a good, functional laptop if you want to write anything. Of course, you can use a pencil and paper, but I find a laptop much more conducive to quickly getting thoughts down and easily publishing said thoughts. Shop around to find one that fits in your budget. Spend some time deciding exactly what you want in a laptop, like Hard Drive size, which processor you want, and if you want a 10-key pad. I personally love my Dell laptop, no matter how plain it may be.

2. You need a light.

Don’t forget to leave room in your writing space for a light of some kind. You’ll need it to see the keyboard when you’re furiously trying to record an idea at 2 in the morning (please tell me I’m not the only one who does that). If there’s no space on your desk, get a floor lamp. Just run down to Target and grab the cheapest one you can find and you’re set!

3. You need a yummy smelling candle.

A good, yummy smelling candle helps promote happy feelings. Whenever I get a waft of my delicious lemonade candle, it almost instantly puts me in a better mood. It also gets my creative juices flowing. That’s why you need one. While you’re at Target getting a lamp, swing by their candle section and smell to your heart’s content. Don’t stop until you’ve found THE one. You know, the one that immediately makes you happy. And if it’s in a pretty jar, all the better.

4. You need a healthy snack.

Yes, I’m notorious for drinking Diet Pepsi, and yes, that is sometimes what’s sitting on my desk. But I’ve found a healthy snack or drink, like this Replenish from Isagenix (similar to Gatorade), gives me energy to write when I need stamina, and helps me stay hydrated at the same time. Regular water will work just fine, but Replenish can help replace nutrients you lose when you are stressed. And writing can be stressful, at times, so it works perfectly for me. All you really need is a healthy snack of your choosing to help keep your energy level up.

These are my keys to a good writing station. By keeping it simple, your mind can stay clear and not feel cluttered. I may have piles of papers and notebooks stacked around my house, but I try to keep my writing desk free from distractions so I can focus on my task at hand. Apply these tips to your writing station, and you’ll be on your way to a free, unencumbered mind, ready for writing.

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