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To Rome With Love. Woody Allen's Movie. That's Not Enough?

To Rome With Love. Woody Allen's Movie. That's Not Enough?

Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) and Penelope Cruz (Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona; Pirates of Caraiben), these names themselves produce in me a willingness to watch the movie with their participation. To Rome with Love isn't a very new production, because from 2012, but if you didn't watch it yet, maybe you should. 

Maybe I won't be very objective in this review, because I like the most movies created by Woody Allen, but I'll try. 

The story happens in Roma, and the main characters come from America and Italy. We know young marriage, rich actor, beauty prostitute, another young couple, their friend, famous architect and plain gray man. Stories of these people create a few main threads, each of them is a little different. That makes this movies interesting for every age range. If you like summer-romance stories, it's movie for you. If you like comedy in which nothing is normal - it's movie for you, if you like beauty women - it's movie for you.


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