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What Soap Bubbles Have In Common With Traveling?

What Soap Bubbles Have In Common With Traveling?


This is for courage ones. This article is not about how to travel for free in way 'without any costs' but how to go on a journey and earn money up to date every day. You need have some skills to do that. :)



What you can?

Do you have any hobby? Do you dance? Sing? Rap? Paint? Or maybe you can tell great stories or you are a great football freestyler? If you have some talents you can and you should use that! 

But where?

Traveling without money maybe is possible, but why do that if you can earn something even small amout, at least to live the next day? This idea is based on earning on your skills. Take your travel partner or go alone and visit some big or just tourist towns, where live begins after dark. Then choose some favorable place where is a lot of people and show them what you can! You will be surprised how much you can earn on the streets if you share your skills with others.

Is it legal?

Before you choose destination of your journey take an effort to find out what law says about taking money from others in public places in this country. 

I don't know what to do with this money!

If you earn enough, eat some pizza or pasta there wherever you are and taste how delicious can be a simple meal! Then rest and in the morning plan next town where you go to, to get more and more fun and experiences! :)

It's not for me...

But what if you have not any talents like these aforementioned? Well.. use your imagination. You can play mime, fly a toy helicopter or just make bulk amount of soap bubbles! Good luck! :)

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