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Mikołaj Baczyński

Mikołaj Baczyński

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Writes as a hobby for a long time. Doesn't like to sit at home and be bored. Tries to have a lot of fun each day, and share their ideas with others.

In the team of from the beggining. In life I study architecture and I work with passion as a graphic designer. In free time I work out a lot, read great amount of books and listen TED talks always on the way to school.

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Coffee without sugar or with minimal amount, but with addition of coconut syrup.

Recipe for tasty iced coffee with the addition of caramel syrup and delicious, frothed milk.

This is for courage ones. This article is not about how to travel for free in way 'without any costs' but how to go on a journey and earn money up to date every day. You need have some skills to do that. :)

Trips connect people. When we are with someone far from a home we get closer and know each other better. To make even small trip you need only two bikes. :)

If you want to get closer to your girlfriend or boyfriend or you just want to have great time, some emotions can help you with realizing that. If you are enough courage you can have a really worth to remember few hours. How? Do some street art together. :)

In polish middle-school we have such an subject like "knowledge about society" in other words - Civics. Most of the time our teacher talked to us about some boring stuff like law, government rules and politics. It was possible to survive but in addition to this we had - in my opinion - terrible homework. We had to watch news on TV for the whole week and note every important accident, event and information. And our teacher believed that was good.

You are looking for one of your favourite books. You are searching at all the racks and finally all is clear. You borrowed it to someone. Do you know this terrible feeling? And maybe you are this one who holds long ago read books? The books which you have at home can be easily classified.

Yeah, we all love chocolate, and there is nothing wrong! Like almost everything on this planet, chocolate has pros and cons. Generally dark chocolate with more than 70% of cacao is health and even recommendes as a rich source of magnesium. Other kinds of chocolate maybe aren't directly so good for our body but still gives us pleasure which is required for our mental health!

Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) and Penelope Cruz (Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona; Pirates of Caraiben), these names themselves produce in me a willingness to watch the movie with their participation. To Rome with Love isn't a very new production, because from 2012, but if you didn't watch it yet, maybe you should. 

How to make a lamp from a piece of tecture, stylish vase or bookshelf made out of a shoe box? This and more user adjrara presents in his video "8 design projects done in less than a minute each".

Swimming is always a good idea to spend your time. This activity requires the work of all parts of the body, increases efficiency, improves coordination and gives a lot of pleasure.

A good date doesn't have to be sophisticated. It could be argued that just simple ideas like taking a walk or an outing to grab a drink are the best. Most people want to have a great, fun date with some romantic moments that will remain in memory for time to come. It's cool, because our proposal connects both approaches. On the one hand, there's less pressure, but on the other hand, it provides an interesting activity and an opportunity to laugh and converse.

There is no something like good date without fun. Take care of fun, and the date will succeed. :)

Adventures of boy wizard knows almost everyone. Character created by J. K. Rownling has gained immense popularity. However it's nothing surprising, confirm it unless everyone who gave sucked into the world of muggles and wizards and read books one after the other.

Relaxation of muscles throughout the body, oxygenate the body, strengthen the tendons and joints, improve posture, protect the spine from injury. It's part of the benefits of practicing yoga.

Most surround us everyday buildings, nothing special stands out. Of course it depends on where you live and in what kind of environment you are, but there is no denying that most of the architecture is pretty average.

Did you play computer or video games when you was a child or a teenager? What did you like the most? Many people have their favorite old titles. When in conversation we back to the old games, all of us, with the smiles on the faces, recalls as a great pastime was playing in Kao The Kangaroo, Quake, Mario or dozens of other classics.

Today we present you a recipe for a delicious onion rings, the perfect appetizer to a beer but not only!

To play Snow Detective only requirements are the winter season and appropriate clothing. And of course, at least two people! :)

Off to the movies isn't, unfortunately a original idea. Date in the cinema? Boring. Nowadays, if you want to surprise your partner, you have to effort a little more.

More and more people share their opinions, passions and interests through blogs and vlogs. By providing content on the web, we operate on a global scale, so if our thoughts turn out to be valuable, a blog can gain immense popularity. Founding his vlog or blog is very easy and doesn't require additional ability to create web pages.

Research shows that people who plan their lives and determine their objectives, achieve more, and realize their dreams. If you have a free moment, think about what you would like to have, what you want to achieve or how you like to look at the context of the long and short term.

"I'm waiting for a better time", "now I can not because ...", "I have a hard time", "I'll do it when..." and other such excuses, stop us from taking action, which could lead us to great effects.

Do you run your diary? If not, nothing is lost. Without Grounds of how old you are, describing your experience can be an interesting practice, which in the future will pay off.

Today we present you a simple recipe for shortbread cookies with chocolate chips, which you simply cook in 30 minutes.

This Idea is good to organize party for yourself, but it's great also for a surprise party for your friend, wife or someone else.

Fun, development of manual skills, exercise patience and sense of aesthetics. Play with modeline provides it's all for our kids. Need to talk more?

Another weekend, another visit to the bar and ordered another beer. Does this description fit to you? Great! We all like beer. Despite this, our proposal is sometimes go beyond this scheme and order, or do yourself at home something more interesting and tastier. You can surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend with something new.

Do you like change? Minor refurnishment can have a big impact on the sense of space in the room. Think about creative setting of furniture. Is the previous time you would arrange the furniture, did you it automatically, just as it was in home of your parents, or a previous apartment?

How high satisfaction gives to hear own loud, great sounding voice supported on the diaphragm. When your voice can be heard from afar, and you can still louder and louder. Do you ever worked on your diction and voice? Do you speak clearly and fluently? Do you modulate your voice? Ask bystanders what they think about your style of speaking. If you're not an actor or a singer, it is a good chance that it is something to work.

Our suggestion for you today is a trip to the zoo. In today's world, our civilization is highly developed, but keep in mind that once the conditions of life did not differ too much from those in which animals live today. Go look at the animals and be sure that we don't live alone on this planet.

Weekend out of town doesn't have to be expensive. On the contrary, it can be very cheap. One such option is camping in a remote location, it might be mountains, glade near the lake, or other pleasant place. We present you two options for the brave and the very brave people.

Instead, eat dinner, turn on the TV and go to sleep, why not convert this action in an interesting weekend getaway?

The idea is inventing, writing and placing the surprising news in a specific context. Cards can be inserted into the books in library or bookstore. Use your creative inventiveness. Below are a few examples.

How to spice up your day, and at the same time do something good for our planet?

Amusement park is only for kids! Just kidding. The combination of fun, romantic moments and the strong experience when the adrenaline makes itself felt is recipe for a great date!

Go on a night walk through the city. See the same places at night, when there are no people on the streets, lit only by the moon and the lights of the city. Remember to select save areas and obtain a pepper spray just in case.

Don't have an idea for the afternoon, and you don't want to sit all day at home and idly wasting time? Would you like to have fun, do something interesting and at the same time, work on your body and burn yesterday cream cake? Great, our option for you is go to the climbing wall!

Kite flying is fun and at the same time a great opportunity to spend time with your child. But contrary to appearances, this is not only fun for the kids.