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Tomasz Zając

Tomasz Zając

About Yourself

I’m friendly and helpful person so I like to work in a group. My passion is sport and read the books. I love to discovery new place and foulks.  I study environmental Engineering.

I’m in team It’s amazing experience in my life and adventure.

Tomasz Zając's Blog

Who of us doesn't like a funfair? You won't find such a person. There is nothing better than, after a hard day in work, to go to the land of forgetfulness - to the land of childhood, without obligation and responsibility. Each of us will find something there for himself. Check out what the weather will be on this day and take a break off from reality. It's not just for kids, you'll enjoy it, too!

Have you ever had a situation when practicing some kind of sport or doing anything else was uncomfortable and you decided never do it again? But why? Maybe you missed some great experiences through one bad moment in your life. Try to give yourself one more chance to do things that were uncomfortable for you earlier and don't let past determine your future!

Always dreamed about a dog, and unfortunately don't have one? If there is no possibility to take care of a dog in the near future, don’t worry! You have options!

Think about all the things that make you scared or tremble at the thought. In some cases it may be a house of horrors or a movie. There are a lot of different things we can be afraid of. Some people are afraid of sports, heights, or water. What distinguishes us from animals is that people have highly developed brains and can develop often irrational fears that often other animals don't experience.

There are many wonderful places where we can go, and we should spend our time there, with our family!

Many of us don't go to a theater explaining that it is expensive, we don't have with whom to go, or we have no time.

Have you ever thought how much you want to say, give information to someone  but you can’t  say it out loud? We often forget what we wanted to say. When you write your thoughts, you won't forget them.

Time to open up to others. Today, in the internet era, many people close themselves off and avoid contact with new people. Our problem is a fear, shyness or shame. Through this approach, we lose a lot. We close our immediate vicinity off to others before we have the chance to meet them.

Most of us are forgetting what was doing yesterday or what have to do today and tomorrow. You don't need to waste time wondering about important things to do.

Have you always been jealous while watching movies, where children play into a tree house? Why don't you do it now? This is the best fun for everyone in every age. Finally, you have a little more time, so use it well.

A beautiful sunny day, shame to waste it indoors. Invite your partner or friends to a picnic. Prepare something delicious to eat, especially something you would have to spend more time on to impress the other person. Take care about something to drink and about good music. Than you can relax.

Meetings with friends start to be monotonous and still look the same? Today is Friday, the best day to go out with friends and propose your idea.

There is nothing more beautiful than years of childhood.

Be a master of playing cards and win the whole pot but remember the fun that counts.