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Mandy Cramer

Mandy Cramer

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Amanda Cramer is a dedicated writer, independent artist, and blogger, residing in Orlando, Florida. She likes long walks through the thrift store, conducting her own beauty and fashion hauls, and shamelessly spending the rest of her money on her one true love: Chipotle. She believes that an inspired life is a happy life, and lives wholeheartedly by this belief.   

Mandy Cramer's Blog

Movie dates, mall dates, coffee dates. There's nothing wrong with an easygoing get together, but first dates and dates beyond the first date don't have to be so typical! Making a date special is all about thinking outside of the box. I find that planning a date that deviates from the conventional “go-to”s is a great way to explore each of your interests and to experience something a little different for a change. Here are a few ideas for an unconventional date that might even earn you a second one!

1.  Always, always, ALWAYS stock up on frozen meals before finals. When finals week hits, there will be no time to spare for cooking (or any other household obligations for that matter), so at least this will quickly satisfy your hangry (when hunger meets anger, two feelings that should never meet in the middle) demeanor as your swimming in a sea of class notes! Don’t forget to feed yourself, and try to get ACTUAL frozen meals! Don’t spend all your food money on frozen pizza, as tempting as that can be. Your body will thank you later!

We've all been there. You get all hyped for a first date, have to pick something sexy to wear, and endlessly worry about how the whole thing will go down. If you have a first date coming up and you need some tips (in combination with a good laugh) to kick your first-date jitters, then feel free to read on. Here are my sarcastic and hopefully helpful tips to avoid screwing up your first date!