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Marcin Janus

Marcin Janus

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Big dreaming guy from Poland with many different goals to achieve ASAP :> Interrested in computer technologies, Internet, games, marketing, business, music, LEGO bricks, sport cars and travels.

Whatever I do, I look for a simpler, faster and more effective solution in the name of "Work smart, not hard".

Marcin Janus's Blog

Have You heard about Minecraft? Who hasn't :) One of the most popular games in last years. Why, You ask? The beauty is in simplicity. Running this game You get huge, almost infinite world made out of different cubes in the same size. You can collect materials, craft hundreds of items out of them and...create whatever You want!

Have You ever wanted to have superpowers like heroes in movies, comicbooks or games? Who hasn't :) It's obvious, that You won't get any real superheroes - like powers but You can always use Your imagination. One of the most beautiful things about childs is their imagination and creativity. Those abilities are very important in many life situations at any age despite are usually forgotten and underestimated. Pay attention to them raising Your children, suggest them games which could help in development of their minds.

Have You ever wanted to speak in many languages? It is obvious, that basics is the most important step to start with. Nowadays it is the easiest ever to learn anything new without spending even a penny. Internet can provide You with almost every information. Pick language You want to learn and look in google for basic grammar principles and vocabulary used in everyday, simple conversation or You find useful. Be honest, specialistic words are not being used too often and You probably would not use them in most situations or ever.

Do You want to build Your dream body? Or maybe just stay in shape or maintain good fitness? Seems easy. Repeat, repeat, repeat, exercise everyday. "I'm tired after school/work/watching TV", "Not today, but I promise tomorrow I will exercise!", "Weather makes me feel blue, not in the mood to do anything". Sounds familiar? The biggest problem about repeating something is to repeat.

I do not know single person who have never played with LEGO bricks. I could bet that in some point of life you did as well. As a child at home or friends' or maybe even as teenager or adult. With kids, parents, siblings, friends or even alone. Everyone can play with LEGO bricks. No matter the age or company.