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Jay Moussa-Mann

Jay Moussa-Mann

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Hi guys! I am a writer/filmmaker, married - with no kids (yet!) who just wants to have a bit of distraction from her normal work by making fun little blogs and videos on homeware, beauty and some creative things too. On the brink of 30 I have suddenly discovered an interest in makeup and art again and an interest in sewing. I write about stuff I like, stuff I make and other bits and bobs.  

Do check me out on my YouTube channel and keep an eye out for blog posts on A Little Bit Of Moose 

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Jay Moussa-Mann's Blog

My main job/work is making videos for a TV channel and short promotional videos for organisations. Before it became work, making films and editing used to be my creative outlet. It was fun and exciting and something to do when I was bored. It was something to relax to.

I never win anything. I'm just not one of those people. So imagine my surprise when my friend entered me into a Facebook giveaway to win a free TempleSpa product and my name got pulled out of the cyber hat?!

Dylan wakes up on the train she had been travelling on to visit her dad, only to discover it has crashed... and she is the only one left. As she leaves the wreckage behind her she meets Tristan, a boy her own age, who seems to be the only other survivor from the train crash. He tells her he can lead her to safety so they set off together across the wasteland.