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Stephanie D. Lewis

Stephanie D. Lewis

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I am a mother of six and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post.  I live in San Diego, California. I write a humor blog where you can always find laughs at

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1.  Get Readers! 

Let’s face it, most of us are not writing a diary here. We want our words seen by millions. Therapists claim we didn’t get enough “Show & Tell” in grade school. Try this — Join Facebook groups that have nothing to do with writing (otherwise you’re competing with other hungry bloggers) but make sure the group is at least in your niche.  Let’s say you are a food, gardening or fashion blogger. Or you blog about parenting.  Join those kind of special interest Facebook groups and then periodically post about a fantastic article a friend of yours sent and now you want to pay it forward and share the link. If you have a different profile photo on Facebook than the one on your blog, chances are nobody will correlate you are one in the same person.  

I don’t own a regular camera so I was very interested in the unusual ways you can use your cell phone to capture “the moment.” I’ve now thought up ways that even Kodak would consider obsessive.

Whether you're in a new relationship and eager to make a good impression, or part of a tried and true couple, everyone can benefit by adding a little novelty and spicing things up a bit. Devising an online treasure hunt is easy and fun. Just follow these simple tips and soon you'll have the person you care about highly intrigued and wondering what other creative tricks you have up your sleeve.