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Bethan Davies

Bethan Davies

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I'm Beth, and I love food. I like talking about it, thinking about it, cooking it and best of all eating it. 

I'm on a bit of a health kick at the moment so I'm hoping to post delicious but healthy recipes, some that are quick and easy for those mid-week meals, and some that take a little longer (to be made whilst enjoying a glass of wine!) for the weekends. 

I'm always looking for new recipes, and I love trying new things. 

Bethan Davies's Blog

So, in addition to being a food addict, I'm also a serious coffee lover. Before beginning my weight-loss journey, I would visit Starbucks on a daily basis. Sometimes even twice a day. So when I started eating healthier, I really wanted to try some smoothies, but, even though I love fruit, the ones I tried were either too sweet, not sweet enough, not smooth enough or just not nice. This is something I've adapted from a recipe on pinterest, and I have it almost every morning. I think it tastes just as good as a mocha frappucino does, and it's miles better for you. It's also dairy free! 

One of the things I've made this week, is an old favourite - Chilli Con Carne.  I'm not sure it's a totally traditional recipe, but it tastes good, is low fat, and if you're following Weight Watchers works out at just 5 pro points per portion. Here it is:

If you haven't tried cottage pie before, I urge you to give this a go! Its not difficult to make, I sometimes batch cook this alongside a Chilli Con Carne (the base ingredients are very similar – recipe to follow), and its really filling and surprisingly low fat! This has to be a favourite of mine, no question. This was something my mum used to make, and is something that takes me back to my childhood.

Hi again! So here we are. I went to Pizza Express with a friend about 3 weeks ago, and I ordered a salad. This is very out of character. I'm not a salad lover (there's a reason I'm overweight and its not because I love lettuce), so its not something I usually order, but, I'd had a big lunch, and I wanted something light (I also didn't have many points left over). 

I love curry, who doesn't? This recipe is not something I would dare to make mid-week, but its worth the effort on the weekend to have something that tastes delicious, is healthy, and could knock spots of something you'd buy in a take away or a restaurant. It also works out much cheaper to make once you have the spices (the ingredients list looks long, but its not that difficult to make I promise!