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Angelie Sawyer

Angelie Sawyer

About Yourself

I am a passionate teacher, beauty enthusiast and a beauty blogger. I  enjoy blogging about makeup and beauty. I would say that I love makeup as much as I love my teaching profession.

To quote myself:

"Makeup is my passion. It is an art that not all people may understand. It requires effort, practice, and more practice. I love makeup not only because it brings out the best feature someone has but also the art and technique that comes with every application. Besides all of these, I still believe that true beauty is " skin deep " and cannot be masked by any cosmetics there is. "

Angelie Sawyer's Blog

Are you a makeup junkie, who has accumulated lots of single eyeshadows and looking for ways to depot them and store them in a secure case? Worry no more! I will be sharing with you my innovative, resourceful way of storing your single pan eyeshadows.

Ever wonder how makeup artists get those perfectly defined brows, perfectly shaped lips and flawlessly applied eye makeup? Are you really getting the most benefit and use of your cream concealer?

Waking up with an ugly discoloration under your eyes from a late night partying or working hard is a normal scenario that could happen to anyone of us. I really didn't know a lot about undereye circles until I began applying makeup and became more aware of my skin and what not. At first, I thought foundation will just suffice in concealing them but obviously it doesn't.